Play Party Rules & Waiver

By my signature below, as a condition of attendance at the this event, I hereby state and affirm:

  1. I am at least 18 of age. I am participating in a private event, not open to the general public. I may be required to produce a valid driver’s license or other valid government issued ID containing my photo, full legal name, and date of birth to prove my age and identity. I am attending this event of my own free will. I may leave at any time.
  2. I may be exposed to nudity, sexual activity, practices of bondage and discipline, sadomasochism, and power exchange between consenting adults. I find none of these subjects or activities to be offensive or objectionable to me in any manner.
  3. i will follow all posted rules of both the event and the venue. Failure to follow posted rules is considered a violation of this agreement. Portions of this event may include designated safety personnel, also known as “DM’s”. Failure to follow posted rules or a DM’s instructions may result in expulsion from the associated portion of the event or the event as a whole without refund. All decisions of the DM are final.
  4. These activities carry an inherent risk of physical injury or other harm. Participation in any activity is voluntary. Should I choose to take part in any activity, it is my responsibility to inform myself of potential risks of the activity and any equipment involved and to take part only with my fully informed consent.
  5. I assume all risk of injury or physical harm incident to my attendance at this event or participation in any activity. I agree to hold harmless Albany Power eXchange, Inc. (APeX), the event organizing committee, the APeX Board of Directors, volunteer staff, members, and guests. I agree to hold harmless the venue where the event takes place, its employees, property owners, and their agents and successors. I relinquish any claim of liability which may arise due to my attendance or participation in this event. DM’s assume no responsibility for attendees’ safety. DM’s will make a best effort attempt to assist during emergencies.
  6. Attendance at this event does not indicate or imply consent to engage in any contact or activity with any other person. Prior consent must be obtained from other persons before engaging in any contact or activity with them. Consent once given may be revoked at any time, at which time all contact or activity must immediately stop. Any consent incidents should be brought to the attention of a DM or an APeX Board of Directors member.
  7. The house safeword during the entire event is “RED.” Calling “RED” indicates that the participant desires all activity stop immediately or as quickly as is safe to do so. DM’s will respond and if necessary intervene in any case where a call of “RED” is ignored.
  8. All attendees have the right to have their chosen gender identity and sexuality recognized. Attendees have the right to use and be known by the pronouns and other words of identity that they choose. If unsure of a person’s preferred pronouns, politely ask them what they like to use. Intentional misgendering is unacceptable.
  9. Access to certain scheduled activities may be refused to anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug, in the sole judgement of the DM on duty.
  10. No illegal activity of any kind will be tolerated. Solicitation or negotiation to any form of payment in exchange for sexual or BDSM activities during the event is forbidden. Such conduct is illegal under New York State and local statutes.
  11. Photography is a risky activity like many BDSM activities which may be conducted between consenting adults. Audio and video recording is prohibited during the event in public and private areas. Still photography is prohibited in public areas without DM authorization & supervision.

    No photographs may be taken which include the event location’s signage, exterior architecture, or distinct interior architecture, decor, etc.

    In the event that any unauthorized photography or recording occurs, this agreement gives APeX the right to confiscate any camera or recording device used as well as to remove any film, tape, or electronic media and to erase or destroy any such media. Unauthorized photography or recording is considered Unlawful Surveillance, a Class E Felony under §250.45 of the New York State Penal Law.

    Before taking photos in public areas of the event, you must obtain the authorization of a DM who will ensure that no other people or anything which may identify people or the location is visible in the photo. DM’s may refuse to allow photography at any time without reason. DM’s may require you to delete any photo which contains other people or anything in the background which may identify people or the location. Attendees have a right to preserve their anonymity while attending this event. All personal information is to be treated as confidential.

  12. Failure to follow these rules may result in my expulsion from this event without refund and/or additional disciplinary proceedings as outlined in the APeX by-laws.