Albany Power eXchange (APeX) Presents

Stephan & Sweet Wisteria

Sat 20 Jul 13:00 PM - 17:30 PM @ Comfort Inn, Glenmont


This event has ended.

Event Details

APeX presents a double-header with Stephan & Sweet Wisteria! Two classes in one protocol & service packed afternoon.

Rules, Rituals and Protocol, from 1 to 3 pm Structure in relationships helps to create reminders and connection. For years we have been working and restructuring our relationship in order to keep it fresh. We will discuss our thoughts on what rules, rituals and protocols are, how to create effective ones, and how to build them into relationships to help establish them as ways to create connections.

Practical Magic/Practical Communication from 3:30 - 5:30 pm We constantly hear that good communication skills are important. Improving them can strengthen relationships, increase productivity, and reduce conflict just to name a few benefits. But if communication skills are so valuable across the board, why do we invest so little in improving them? Maybe we're just tired of hearing generic tips like ""become a better listener."" In this class, Stephan and SweetWisteria will delve into communication techniques they've used to improve their relationship. Participants will leave with tangible next steps to improving their communication skills within their relationships."

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