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Rope 101 with Pendorbound

Sat 29 Jun 14:00 PM - 21:00 PM @ Comfort Inn, Glenmont


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This intro, 101-level class will teach you basic Japanese inspired shibari style rope bondage. We’ll start with basic column ties that form the foundation of many effective bondage harnesses. We’ll cover important rope safety information, a little history of Japanese rope bondage, and talk about types of rope and what you might want to buy. Finally we’ll show a few easy bondage harnesses that build on the basics you’ve learned.

This class is intended for people with little or no rope experience. If you already know how to tie chest harnesses, this class may be on the basic side, but you’re still welcome to join us and lend your knowledge and experience!

Bring rope if you have it, or borrow some for the class. You could use 2 or 3 30-foot pieces. What kind of rope? Whatever you’re comfortable with! Hemp or jute are great. Nylon, MFP, or “climbing” rope, whether braided or twisted all work. Clothes line is okay. Sisal, manila, or other “work” rope won’t do. If your rope has a strong gasoline-like smell, please leave it at home!

Bring a partner if you can! This is a hands-on class, and it’s best to have someone else to try out the ties on. If you don’t have anyone to tie up, we’ll try to do some quick match making at the start of the class for willing singles, or else you can also practice many of the ties on your own leg, chair leg, etc.

Class: $5 APeX members, $10 non-members. Class will be held from 2 pm until 4 pm.

Rope Skill Sharing After Class Party: $10 APeX members; $10 for non-members that have attended the class, $15 non-members that didn't attend the class. The party will be held from 6 pm until 9 pm ish.

Rope 101 with Pendorbound

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