C²K Privacy Policy

Camping, Cookouts, and Kink (C²K) Event Privacy Policy

As is standard practice for staying at most hotel & camping accommodations, the event venue for C²K requires that all attendees provide their full legal name at registration. Attendees are required to provide a valid, government issued photo ID at time of check-in which matches their registration name. The event venue will retain a photocopy of this ID in a locked, secured filing cabinet. The information is available to limited event staff only during check-in or in the event of problems or emergencies which may require access to this information. The venue has agreed in writing with APeX that their standard policies include never disclosing attendees’ names or other information to anyone unless compelled to do so by legal process or to ensure attendee safety in the event of a medical or other emergency.

Due to the nature of this event and the expectations of other attendees at the venue, all attendees’ names will be queried against the New York State Sex Offenders Registry. By registering to attend this event, you agree to this query and affirm that you are not covered by an active record in the registry nor subject to any restrictions on your activities or travel based on such a registry entry, whether such restrictions are a matter of public record or covered by any kind of seal.

Attendees will be required to sign with their full legal name a waiver and agreement to comply with event and venue rules at time of check in.

Any attendee who refuses to provide their full legal name or photo identification or who refuses to sign the waiver will be refused entry to the event without any refund paid.