Virtual Workshop: Consent to Kink by Susan Wright & Caramel, NCSF

When? 06/26/2022, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Consent to Kink

First there was SSC, then RACK, now… EPP – Explicit Prior Permission for consent to kink! The NCSF’s Consent Counts project has succeeded in decriminalizing BDSM in the new Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault, which was approved in June 2021. This new legal framework is groundbreaking because BDSM, even when consensual, might still be violating your state law. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to legally get consent for BDSM and sex, as well as how the Consent Counts project achieved this effort. We’ll also discuss the ways the stigma of criminalization has impacted our communities, driving us to self-regulate, and the NCSF resources that are available to help you and your group deal with consent violations.

About NCSF Presenters:
Susan Wright founded the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in 1997, and currently serves as
Executive Director and Director of Incident Reporting & Response, which provides direct services on
discrimination and consent incidents. Susan chaired the successful DSM-5 Revision Project which
helped result in the consensual paraphilias being removed from the Paraphilic Disorders in 2013.
She is also on the Consent Counts committee that worked with the American Law Institute to create
a legal framework for BDSM in the new Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault. Susan’s research has
been published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, Journal of Sexual Medicine, Journal of
Behavioral Health Services & Research, International Journal of Social Psychiatry, Journal of
Trauma and Dissociation, and Journal of Homosexuality.


Caramel R (she/her), or Caramel as most know her, serves on the NCSF Board of Directors and is co-founder and Lady of RAVENOUS, Baltimore’s Bi-Monthly Munch and Education Group for people of color.  A survivor, advocate, educator, and researcher, she is committed to helping and educating people about sexual assault.  Caramel joined the National Coalition for Sexual Assault in January 2021 and currently serves as a committee member for Educational Outreach, Consent Counts, and Public Relations. She also assists with Incident Reporting and Response.  Her experience as an educator span two decades.

This is a fundraiser event APeX is holding for NCSF.  Donations to NCSF are appreciated, however not required.