Virtual Munch

When? 09/16/2021, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Dress Code: street legal
Non-Member's Need Sponsor? No
RSVP's Required? No

APeX is pleased to offer a virtual munch to help keep us all connected and hopefully a little less stir crazy. This session will run the same time the munch would normally run.

To join us, you’ll need the “Hangouts Meet by Google” app to join from your iOS or Android phone or tablet. You can also join directly in your web browser on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

When you follow the join link on the event, you’ll see a screen where you can ask to join the meeting. Click the “Ask to Join” button, and a moderator will invite you into the meeting. In order to minimize background noise, please mute your microphone when you join. You can unmute and contribute to the conversation any time you like.

You can join the meeting at this link:

Informed Consent
Joining an online discussion presents a different risk profile than attending an in-person event, and we think it’s important anyone who participates has an understanding of the risks they’re accepting.

Versus meeting in person, you can’t catch any infections from anyone, so that’s a solid benefit. You may however be risking your privacy more than attending in person. While it’s true someone might be photographing munch attendees or activate a cellphone’s voice recorder at a munch, we have some experience looking out for people who appear to be up to no good and asking them to leave.

The online experience makes it easy for anyone to record voice or video of the event. We can (and will) turn off the settings that allow recording from the app itself, but nothing can prevent someone from holding their cellphone up to the screen and recording the voice and face of anyone who chooses to participate. You may choose to enable (or not) sending your voice or video. You may also participate in text-only form through the text chat. Even if you’re contributing in text-only form, you can still listen and watch anyone else who chooses to have their mic and/or camera on.

If you do choose to turn on mic and/or camera, please be aware of what’s in the background, both behind your camera and in the room that may be picked up by the mic. Photos of your family on the wall, others talking in the room, etc. are things you may not want to broadcast.

Please also remember that the Google profile you login as will be visible to other attendees which may include your full name and picture. If you don’t have a kink-specific Google account, now might be a good time to create one.

Keep it civil. The moderators may mute or kick/ban anyone who speaks disrespectfully, is intentionally disruptive, etc.

No children. Hopefully it goes without saying, but if your kids are visible or audible in the background, you’ll be kicked and banned.

No nudity, sexual activity, BDSM play, etc. Spicy language is welcome, but this isn’t a show-off or play event. If you wouldn’t do it at an in-person munch in a restaurant, don’t do it here either.

Keep your mic muted unless you’re talking so the background noise doesn’t disrupt everyone. If you’d like to ask a question or support a point when someone else is speaking, you might choose to use the text chat to chime in without disrupting.

You can download the Hangouts Meet by Google app from: