Basic Protocols for Serving & Stairway to Heaven with Snoflak

When? 11/23/2013, 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Dress Code: vanilla
Non-Member's Need Sponsor? No
RSVP's Required? Yes
Location: Albany Area Hotel

Sno Flak Presents Two Classes:
Basic Protocols for Serving will start at 5pm
& Stairway to Heaven will start at 7 pm

Location: local Albany hotel. Address provided on RSVP.
Cost:members $10, non-members $20

Basic protocols for serving. and excellence in service
Beginners and advanced courses geared to service oriented submissive and the Dom’s that are being served. Class and hands on training w/ demo is about 1 hour

Stairway to Heaven.. Endorphin ladder
The science behind climbing the ladder: learn how chemistry and music play into getting your bottom to be able to achieve “fly” time. This is a sensuous dance from start to after care. Demonstration of it’s use and a passionate play scene follow the workshop portion. Class and demo to follow approx 2 hours.

Sno Flak: Dreamer of life, believer, ordained minister, organic farmer, jelly maker, equestrian, artist, lifestyle coach. Sno Flak has been in the BDSM lifestyle for over 3 decades, spending most of that time embracing her slave soul. Today she helps others embrace their calling. She loves to laugh and teaches from a place of “knowing”, care, and joy. Sno is a natural teacher and mentor with a passion for etiquette, protocol, and negotiations. These days she is the never ending sea of ideas at Feel Me Breathe and Head House Ma’am. She has a unique ability to see into the heart and soul of a submissive and help guide them on their journey because she has lived that life to the fullest. A favorite activity is forcing people to play adult versions of childhood games with a twist. A quick lesson in how to speak “Sno”…Sno has her own lingo, as unique and wonderful as she is. She refers to “play” as “dance”. To her, it is an inner harmony.

Send rsvp email to and please list title of event in subject. Please bring snacks to share.