APeX Picnic & Membership meeting

When? 09/07/2019 - 09/08/2019, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Dress Code:
Non-Member's Need Sponsor? No
RSVP's Required? Yes
Location: Approx. 1 hour west of Albany

The APeX Annual Picnic & semi-annual membership meeting is Saturday, September 7th. We have a great new (yet oddly familiar!) venue for the picnic this year. We’re pleased to be able to hold the picnic at the same campground where C2K has been the past four years!

We’ll have LOTS of space for everyone. We also have access to the swimming pool, nature trails to walk around, and plenty of room for our outdoor dungeon. PLUS camp is doing their chicken and ribs BBQ again. If you’re ever enjoyed the Saturday BBQ at C2K, you know what a great spread they put on.

The picnic this year includes the semi-annual membership meeting. The rest of the day is free to enjoy the grounds and the dungeon. We’ll have a few surprise demos and/or classes setup throughout the day as well (watch FetLife for announcements!)


  • Camp opens: 10 AM
  • Membership meeting: 11 AM – 12 PM
  • BBQ: 1 PM

Attendance this years costs a little bit more if you’d like to join the (optional) BBQ. If you’d prefer to bring your own picnic lunch, you’re also welcome to do so.

Attendance for members (no BBQ) is FREE! Non-members and BBQ prices are all listed on the tickets link below. We also offer options for camping overnight if you’d like.


We NEED volunteers to help move and setup the dungeon. Please contact @Greenman70 if you’re able to help setup Friday, September 6th or cleanup Sunday, September 8th.

RSVP and pre-pay is required for this event since we must provide a count to the camp for food and overnight stays. If you miss the RSVP cut-off of Wednesday, September 4th, you will NOT be getting any ribs or chicken which would be a real tragedy if you’re into that sort of thing!

What are the rules?

The large clearing where C2K first started out is our private playground. Inside the clearing, APeX rules apply. General members from the campground are not permitted in our area, though their staff may enter to help us keep things running smoothly, etc. There are bathroom facilities within the private area. BBQ lunch will be served within the APeX private area as well.

Within the APeX area, you may wear street clothing, fetish wear, nothing, or whatever you like for the entire day. Outside this area, all of the campground’s rules apply. This includes their usual “practical nudist” rules where nude is generally encouraged, but covering up if it’s cold or to stay out of the sun are all perfectly reasonable. It’s also completely acceptable to walk clothed from the parking area to the APeX clearing. There are no “nudism police” who will ticket you for walking while clothed!

BDSM play and sex are allowed inside the clearing area which is where the dungeon is located. (If you were at C2K this year, what was Sexy Town will be our picnic dungeon). Outside this area, in the main field, clubhouse, swimming pool, etc., please no sex or BDSM play!

The swimming pool is back to no swimsuits allowed for this event.

There may be other campground guests on-site during our picnic. Nobody will be allowed into our clearing without being known to APeX. We’ve made a number of good friends within the camp’s core group of members, and several of them will likely join us during the day. They all know what we do and are eager to join in.

If you’d like to stay over night, the camp has very limited rental options available to us. You may also bring a tent and set it up anywhere on site you’d like or bring your camper and hookup to available power provided sites.

We hope to see you there!

RSVP and reserve your spot here:


You must RSVP before Wednesday, September 4th for BBQ!!!

Note on food: Camp would like an indication of how many people are interested in ordering from their café in addition to the BBQ so they have enough food on-hand. If you’re planning to stay overnight, please indicate on your RSVP what meals you expect to order from the camp. Actual cost will be charged at menu prices based on what you order, cash or card.