Building Blocks for APeX

A couple of weekends ago the group had a townhall meeting to review the current state of affairs within APeX. One of the action items was to let people know the assets that APeX currently holds.

  • The Library Contessa (which contents can be found on the APeX website)
  • maibox
  • website and the APeX mailing list
  • online event system
  • bank account with about 9000 dollars (this number may change upon delivery of this message as storage unit fees are withdrawn monthly)

We also have a weather-controlled storage unit that contains the following:

  • Dungeon Equipment
    • Spanking benches (2)
    • a Saint Andrews cross
    • Suspension rig
    • massage table
    • horse bench
  • Event supplies
    • Tents
    • Various supplies for cleaning and parties
  • APeX promotional items:
    • T-Shirts
    • Pins
    • Dungeon rules

Some other things to take into consideration involves the business side of running the group. Board meetings are run with Roberts’s Rule of Order. The lists of events that we use to run, currently run and how they have been organized. There is also the educational side of APeX and how we manage events.

The by-laws are a major aspect to the group and have been up for much debate. To change our by-laws the membership would need to start the review process now in order to put them in place in the new membership year. By-laws that you would want to be changed need to be noted, rewritten, or created. They then need to be submitted to the Board and reviewed before sending them to the membership. Members of good standing would then be able to vote upon those by-law changes at our annual meeting.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Board.

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