About this site

Welcome to the new Albany Power eXchange!

This site aims to tell you everything you need to know about APeX, what we do, how to join us, and what benefits are yours as an APeX member. You can also find a wealth of BDSM information including techniques, safety, negotiation, and many other topics.

If you’re new to this site, this page will give you some of the highlights and show you how to take advantage of some of the site’s features. If you’re returning to our site, see our News section to read about any newly added features.


  • Main Navigation Bar: Across the top of the site is a black bar which gives you the easiest way to find the main content of the site. Most of the options are drop-down menus, so you can easily find categories information. Some important destinations include:
    • About: Links to information about APeX including our history, corporate by-laws, and the great volunteers that help make APeX great!
    • Library: See a listing of books & movies held by The Library Contessa. You can send in a request to borrow items, and our librarian will bring them to our next munch or other event.
    • Membership: Links to information about your APeX profile (you’ll need to login first), and explains how to join APeX, what membership costs, and what membership gives back to you in terms of discounts and other great membership perks.
    • Events: See our monthly social events, our annual special events, and find out what you can expect at our events as well as what is expected of you as an attendee. Be sure to check out the Events->Calendar section for our full listing of events & educational classes.
    • Contact: Need to get a hold of us? Here’s how!
    • Articles: Contains tons of informative articles about BDSM collected by Mayafire over the years.
  • Right Widget Area: On the right side of the screen are various “Widgets” — small blocks of information or controls which give you quick access to parts of the site. Currently included are:
    • A search box that searches all posts and articles on the site. Just enter what you’re looking for and click the search button.
    • A quick-view calendar for upcoming events. Click any of the underlined dates to see what’s happening that day. You can also get a full-size calendar by choosing Events->Calendar from the top navigation bar.
    • Search the Library: Enter the title or author you’re looking for, and you can search the online catalog of The Library Contessa to see if APeX has a book for you to borrow.
    • Subscribe via email: If you’d like to keep up to date on changes to the site, we can automatically email you whenever new pages are created.
    • “Meta” area: Contains login links if you’d like to comment on pages as well as RSS feed links. See “What’s an RSS feed?” below for more info.
    • Site Map: All pages in the site are listed in a hierarchal format for you to browse.

Calendar Subscriptions

Keep track of what’s going on in APeX on your smart phone, calendar application, Google Calendar, etc. You can subscribe to our calendar and find out about our events the second they’re created. Just add http://www.albanypowerexchange.org/events.ics to your calendar, and you’re set!

Borrowing from TLC

Request titles to borrow from The Library Contessa using the online form here: http://www.albanypowerexchange.org/library/.

What’s an RSS feed?

RSS lets you subscribe to the contents of a website and receive notifications when content is added or changed. An RSS reader is a piece of software that runs on a computer or smart phone or as a website service (like feedly) which gathers multiple RSS feeds together and lets you view them all at once. If you already have an RSS reader, you can easily subscribe to feeds for our website’s content using the links under the “Meta” menu on the right hand side of the site.

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