The First Munch

By mayafire

The Palo Alto Burger Munch was the first such regular event of its type in the country and is the event from which all other similar events were patterned after.  It started in April 1992 at a place called Kirk’s Steakburgers in Palo Alto, California by a person named Stella. Hence the name Burger Munch.  It’s direct descendant is the Thursday Palo Alto Munch that still runs to this day, currently held at Cafe Dolce Vida.

Because it is just easier to say “munch” as opposed to “burger munch”, and because munches are held in many types of places other than steak and burger joints, the name munch has become a standard for the vanilla type socials people in the scene attend on a monthly basis.  

It is interesting how history is always in the making.  Since Albany Power eXchange started calling their “munches” Meet and Greets and Friday Soirees (words which more accurately describe the style of the events), several other clubs have decided to use these terms in the place of the word munch.  Perhaps 10 or 20 years from now people will be pondering the origins of the popular Friday Soiree and forget it originated in Albany, New York in November 2000. 

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