Membership Coordinator and Committee Duties

This document outlines the duties & responsibilities of the membership coordinator and membership committee. The membership coordinator serves at the pleasure of the BoD and may be removed at any time with or without cause.

Membership Committee
The membership coordinator may at their option operate individually or form a membership committee to assist in these duties. Any committee member must be approved by the APeX BoD. Members of the committee shall be bound by all privacy, security, and other requirements outlined in this document. Members of the committee serve at the pleasure of the membership coordinator and the BoD and may be removed at any time with or without cause.

Membership Coordinator Responsibilities
•Develop & maintain a brief script and checklist for BoD & others completing new memberships and renewals. This script shall briefly list membership responsibilities & privileges, explain the nature of the APeX organization, and inform the member where they may find information about membership & the organization.
•Offer an APeX 101 course at any event or social of their choice as often as they see fit, but at a minimum of 3 times a year.
•Maintain and update the website membership listings as needed.
•Develop and provide voter eligibility list for Election Committee.

Security & Privacy
The Membership Coordinator role has access to private member information. This information cannot be shared with anyone outside of the membership committee, the educational committee, and the active BoD. Inappropriate use or disclosure of membership information will result in immediate suspension of membership coordinator or committee duties and termination of access to APeX websites and data. Any such inappropriate use shall be referred to the grievance committee for appropriate disciplinary action.

It is the responsibility of the membership coordinator to quickly report to the BoD any breach or suspected breach of membership data, whether accidental or willful. Such breach may include but is not limited to loss or misuse of any APeX computer system password, loss or malware infection on any personal computer, phone, tablet, etc. used to access APeX computer systems, loss of any written records of membership, receipt books, etc. or loss of unused membership cards or education vouchers.

APeX tech officers will grant membership coordinator role to the APeX membership site to the membership coordinator and approved committee members.

Money & Accounting
The membership coordinator and committee members will receive funds for membership dues via cash, check, or credit card. All members will be issued written receipts for payment in compliance with APeX’s receipt policy. Members who choose to pay by Square and receive an emailed receipt need not be issued a paper receipt.

All monies received shall be remitted to the treasurer or another BoD member as soon as possible. All remittances must include an itemized list of the amounts and member number/name of each individual paid.

An individual Square account shall be set up by the APeX tech officer for the membership coordinator and each committee member approved to use Square. Square accounts are not to be shared, nor shall a “role” account be used or shared among multiple people. Individual accountability for credit card payments is extremely important in case there are ever questions of unauthorized credit card charges or other related issues.

Record Keeping & Membership Information
Keeping membership information up to date on the APeX website is important for ensuring that members may access member only information and properly receive discounted pricing and preferred RSVP status for events. The membership coordinator shall ensure that to the greatest degree possible, all new members and renewals are reflected on the APeX website with 72 hours.

Data entry may be done by the membership coordinator or members of the committee, as works best for the members involved.

Information for any memberships sold by BoD members must be forwarded on to the membership coordinator or a designated member of the membership committee as soon as possible via email or in person. Membership information submitted to the membership coordinator or committee member must include:

•Member Number
•Scene Name
•Email Address
•FetLife Username
•“New” or “Renew”
•Date of actual sale
•Confirmation of age verification
•Any other house members for couple/poly members
•Notes about where/when sold. IE “M&G” or “semi-annual meeting”
•Payment method (including check #)
•Total money collected
•Individual who sold the membership

Members are asked to provide their scene name, email address, and optionally their FetLife username. An email address while not mandatory is required to access members only information on the APeX website and to receive members notification emails. Members who decline to provide an email address should be advised of this fact. Members are asked to confirm their email address, FetLife username, and any house member changes each year when they renew. Members may additionally update their email or other information at any time by contacting the Secretary or Membership Coordinator directly via email or in person.

Proof of Age: New members may be asked to present a government issued photo ID to confirm they are at least 19 years of age to meet membership eligibility requirements. The member may cover the real name and address on their ID provided their photo and date of birth are visible for verification. No part of this information will be recorded or disclosed to anyone.

Member Cards & Education Vouchers
Upon payment in full of annual membership fees, members are issued a membership card bearing their scene name, expiration date, and unique member number. A new membership card is issued each year that a member renews their membership. New memberships issued after August 1st shall be marked “NON-VOTER” to indicate the member is not permitted to vote in that year’s BoD election as provided in the APeX by-laws Article IV, §3-D.

Members who join or renew within the first two quarters of the membership year receive a voucher for EC events. Members who join or renew after July 31st do not receive an EC voucher.

Member Numbers
Once issued, member numbers remain the same for the lifetime of a member, regardless of lapses in membership, number of renewals, etc. Before completing a membership renewal, the member must present their existing membership card with current member number or their membership must be verified via the membership site to obtain their existing number. No member card shall be issued without a member number, and no membership may be renewed without obtaining the existing member number.

2013 & 2014 # Reissue: Members during the 2013 and 2014 membership year may have existing membership numbers (usually five digits) which will be changed when they first renew starting with the 2015 membership year or later. Thereafter these members will retain the same member number issued them during the 2015 membership year for life.

Each membership committee and BoD member will be issued a range of member number to use for new memberships that they sell. Each number must be used once, and crossed off the list. Additional numbers should be requested from the membership coordinator as needed.

Requirements for Membership
Membership to APeX is a privilege, not a right. Membership may be declined or delayed if there are concerns about the potential member in the judgement of the membership coordinator or BoD. Such concerns may include but are not limited to behavior at public venues, understanding of consent, respect for others’ dynamics (including not imposing their own dynamic on others without consent), discretion with respect to confidentiality of event locations, other members’ identities, personal information, etc.

Notwithstanding the above, membership may not be withheld from any individual on the basis of gender, race, creed, national origin, age (except minimum age requirements), sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class under US or New York law.

In general, paid membership to the Albany Power eXchange is offered to individuals who are active participants in APeX social activities. Before being granted membership, new members should attend APeX social events (munches, M&G, discussion groups, open-to-public educational events, etc.) over a period of at least two months.

In situations where a prospective member may wish to attend members-only events or take advantage of members discounts or other benefits within two months of attending APeX events, exceptions may be made to this requirement on a case-by-case basis. In order for an exception to be made, the new member must be vouched for by a current member in good standing who will assume responsibility for the new member’s actions for a period of two months similar to the way that members are responsible for their guests at members+guests events.

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