Host Coordinator Duties

The APeX Host Coordinator position is responsible for APeX’s “open to all” social events including the munches and Meet & Greet, and Ds discussion group.

Host Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Finding a host for each Sunday Munch, North Country Munch and Meet-and-Greet event held by Albany Power eXchange.  Ensuring the Ds discussion group has a moderator and topic for their next gathering.
  • In the event that they cannot find a host, hosting the event themselves or contacting the board for assistance.
  • Following up with the host/moderator after each event in order to get a status report on how the event in question went.
  • Reporting any problems to the APeX Board of Directors.
  • Ensuring that each host has a package of hosting supplies (name tags, markers, etc.) prior to the event & retrieving remaining supplies after the event for future use.
  • Procuring name tags and markers as needed to restock hosting supplies (expenses to be reimbursed by APeX.
  • Contacting each venue in advance to confirm time & availability.
  • Assisting in promotion of each event on FetLife, Yahoo groups, and other appropriate media.

Note: Jackie may be contacted for assistance in finding a host for the NCM. Event Hosts are responsible for: (All Events)

  • Greeting each member and providing name tags for them.
  • Ensuring new members are introduced around to existing members.
  • Ensuring any furniture moved or other changes to the venue are returned to a “how we found it” state.
  • Encouraging attendees to depart at the established end time for the event so that the venue may clean up or close on time. (Especially important for the Meet & Greet).

(Sunday Munch Only)

  • Coordinating setup and return of tables into the APeX configuration.
  • Collecting receipts from each member who attends – turn all of these in when requested to the venue.

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