The APeX Board of Directors:


  • President: (Term ends February 2019)
  • Treasurer: (Term ends February 2019)
  • Secretary: (Term ends February 2018) or

Members at Large:

  • (Term ends February 2018)
  • Gannon (appointed 2/11/17 Term ends February 2018)
  • (Term ends February 2019)
  • vacant (Term ends February 2018)
  • Technical Officers: Jamie and Scott

Contact with the Board of Directors as a whole (including Emeritus members) should be directed to the .  If you wish to contact a BoD member directly in private, you may do so using the personal email links above.

Committees & Chairs:

Host Coordinator: (More Info)

Membership Coordinators: (More Info)

Jess and Zac

Education Committee

  • Chair:
  • BeckyRose518
  • lovecutefeet
  • MagicCrone
  • SinfulbyDesign

Grievance Committee

  • lovecutefeet
  • ShadowWolf

Venue Search Committee

  • Jamie
  • John Michelle
  • Scott
  • ShadowWolf
  • Zac

Dominant Submissive Discussion Group:

Volunteer moderators pick the topic and oversee the discussion.

NCSF Coalition Partner Rep:

NCSF Rep Assistant: We are looking for an assistant! Please contact if you are interested!

TNG Liaison: 

The Library Contessa

  • Contessa:

Emeritus Board Members:

  • Sir Ira
  • Mayafire
  • Ron
  • Wynterskyes
  • Shy
  • Walt
  • Corey

In Memory: Sir Ira

Founders: Mayafire & Ron

See also the Capital Ball Weekend
and “C²K: Camping, Cookouts & Kink Weekend” event pages
for current committee members.

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