The APeX Board of Directors:

  • Officers:
  • President: Walt (Term ends February 2021)


  • Treasurer: Zac (Term ends February 2021)



  • Members at Large:
    • Scott (Term ends February 2022)
    • Jess (Term ends February 2022)
    • open
    • open


  • Technical Officers: Scott


Contact with the Board of Directors as a whole
(including Emeritus members) should be directed to the
If you wish to contact a BoD member directly in private,
you may do so using the personal email links above.

Committees & Chairs:

Host Coordinator: (Seeking Voulunteers!)


Membership Coordinators: Zac & Jess


Education Committee:

  • Chair:
  • Dolphin1023
  • Feisty Jess
  • Lovecutefeet
  • MagicCrone
  • MsJoy2752
  • Webbigale

Weekend Events:
See these event pages for current chair & committee members:

Venue Search Committee

  • Scott
  • ShadowWolf
  • Zac

Dominant Submissive Discussion Group:  (Seeking Voulunteers!)
Volunteer moderators pick the topic and oversee the discussion.

NCSF Coalition Partner Rep (alt): Walt
NCSF Rep Assistant: We are looking for an assistant! Please contact Walt if you are interested!

TNG Liaison: Crittergrl


The Library Contessa: (Seeking Volunteers!)

Emeritus Board Members:

After five years (60 months) of service on the APeX Board of Directors, Emeritus status is offered to those dedicated volunteers of APeX so that their wisdom and knowledge can continue to guide the organization. Emeritus status bestows many of the benefits of Board of Directors status for life. The Board may seek council from Emeritus members on current issues. Emeritus members do not carry voting or other controlling rights on the Board of Directors unless they run and are elected for an additional active term on the Board. See the APeX by-laws for details on Emeritus rights & privileges.

  • Sir Ira
  • Mayafire
  • Ron
  • Wynterskyes
  • Shy
  • Walt
  • Corey
  • Ms Joy

In Memory: Sir Ira

Founders: Mayafire & Ron

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