Reciprocal Group Policy

In order to build community ties and provide a variety of options to our members, APeX welcomes the opportunity to work with other kink/leather/lifestyle groups across the country. If you run such a group and would like to explore a reciprocal arrangement with APeX, please contact to discuss this.

While all reciprocal arrangements are approved on a case-by-case basis, the list below summarizes some of the things we look for when considering setting up an agreement. Agreements generally are renewed on a periodic basis to ensure groups remain active and are a good fit for APeX members.

  • Located outside Albany, NY and the surrounding areas.
  • Promotes the interests of the leather, fetish, or SSC/RACK BDSM communities.
  • Structured group with regular meetings, events, or other functions
  • Has a set leader, Board of Directors, or similar organizational structure, or a representative who we may contact to verify membership
  • Has a set membership list, preferably with membership cards or other identification for members
  • Provides a liaison or other contact to verify membership when necessary
  • Hosts discussion groups, educational demonstrations, annual events, or other functions that give the opportunity for APeX members to join and increase their knowledge and experience
  • Willing to participate in cross-promotion of events (our events on your calendar & announcements, your events in ours)
  • Offer the same level of discounts to APeX members as we will extend to yours (generally “members” pricing).

Levels of Reciprocal Membership

  • Full Membership reciprocity: a member of group X is equivalent to being an Apex member and vice versa.  Attendance at member meetings and voting are excluded.
  • Limited Membership reciprocity: A member of group X receives some membership benefits but not all and vice versa (e.g. attendance at member meetings and voting).
  • Vetting reciprocity: Members of Group X are considered vetted as if Apex members but do not receive membership benefits. They do not need a sponsor to attend certain events.
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