Website Privacy Policy

Albany Power eXchange (APeX) is strongly committed to maintaining your privacy. We will never sell, lend, lease, give away, or otherwise distribute information you submit to this website to any other person or organization except where necessary to conduct APeX functions or if required to by law, court order, or similar legal instrument.

What do we collect?

Personal information collected by this site (“your personal information”) may include your scene name, email address, your social networking site account names if you choose to link these accounts to your APeX membership, and your relationship to other APeX members.

When do we distribute your information?

APeX will provide a list containing scene names and email address to the APeX members who are event coordinators for APeX private events in order to verify RSVP status and ensure the security of our events. These lists are never shared beyond the absolute minimum number of people required to conduct the event, and the lists are destroyed immediately after the event has concluded.

Who else can access your information?

Your personal information is accessible to APeX Board of Directors members and to the APeX membership coordinator. It is stored on a server computer which is hosted by a third party, and may additionally be stored in secured off-site backups of this site.

APeX event coordinators and committee chairs may confirm your APeX membership status given your member number and scene name, but they are not permitted to browse the APeX membership database beyond individual members who have requested an RSVP to an event.

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