Message Board Posting Policy

This is an educational BDSM forum. We are an event and information resource for the Upstate NY leather, spanking, BDSM, and D/s community. Feel free to read and participate in any of the threads on this message board. Threads often evolve and can provide a variety of opinions and insights from different perspectives.
The kind of material that is appropriate for posting on the APeX message board include, questions and information about APeX activities and discussion of BDSM-related issues. While exchange of personal information (introductions, new grandchildren, etc.) may certainly be present to a limited degree, the APeX membership board is not intended for seeking partners or for holding personal conversations and it certainly is NOT the place for personal arguments. Differences of opinion is understandable, and sometimes inevitable, when people who care deeply about an issue disagree on it, but rudeness, negative profanity, flaming, and derogatory language about another person or group are unacceptable and will not be permitted.


FLAMING: Flaming is considered to be any word or action which is often a deliberate act of posting or writing messages that have the intent of insulting or creating dissent within the group. An Internet flame is often filled with coarse language and personal insults. It is meant to hurt people’s feelings, get them fired up.

NEGATIVE PROFANITY: Negative profanity is the use of foul language that tends or intends to insult or offend an individual or group.

DEROGATORY REMARKS: Derogatory remarks are those that are tending or intended to detract, disparage, or belittle.

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