Administrative Hold Information Sheet

To be given to individuals subject to an Administrative Hold


An Administrative Hold is a process to ensure the safety and security of APeX event attendees (members and non-member), event locations, and corporate assets & interests.  An administrative hold is not an accusation or finding of wrongdoing.  A hold provides sufficient time to resolve safety concerns in a fair and well thought out manner without rushing to conclusions.

While subject to an administrative hold, you may be required to not attend APeX parties, play events, munches or other social events, any educational class or demo, or any other APeX events until this hold is cleared.  You will be instructed which types of events or specific events this applies to when the hold is issued.

In cases of consent incidents or other safety concerns, administrative holds are generally issued for all parties involved.  This ensures that the Board has time to carefully consider all available information. It is the Board’s goal to clear all administrative holds as quickly as possible without sacrificing fairness.  In the event you are subject to this hold because you were involved in an incident where you were not at fault, the Board requests your patience and understanding as we work to lift this hold as quickly as we can.

How Long?

Holds last for a specific period of time.  Generally when that time expires, you may resume normal APeX activities without restriction.  A hold may be renewed in the event the Board requires additional time to consider the situation.  You will be informed of any such renewal. In the event a hold is associated with an accusation of wrongdoing, you may be referred to the APeX formal Grievance Committee in accordance with the APeX by-laws.  If you are referred to the Grievance Committee, the restrictions of this hold will continue to apply until the grievance process is concluded.

Next Steps

The Board will contact you soon to discuss the reason for this hold.  We ask you to cooperate as much as you are able to help us work as quickly as we can.

Approved by the BoD April 29, 2018