Formal Grievance Defined

The 2013 board passed a policy defining grievances as follows:

An action that may be the grounds for a grievance is defined as an action taking place at an APeX sponsored event and presenting a danger to a member, the organization, or the APeX community (including non-member event attendees). Unless they threaten harm, disagreements and debates among community members are not considered to be grievable.  Harmful acts such as those negatively impacting one’s livelihood and standing in community are (added by 2014 BoD).  Dates and locations of events are not subject to the grievance procedure.

The APEX Procedure for Filing and Processing of Grievance SOP, adopted on November 21, 2014, is available in the Member Info section of the site, under Policies and also under Standard Operator Procedures.  This is a public document.


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