Event Locations

APeX events generally fall into two categories:  Those open to the general public, and those considered private for APeX members and their guests.

Public events include our monthly socials, and other open community events where all are welcome, whether APeX member, a member’s guest, or the general public.  Locations for these public events are listed in the announcement and in our calendar.  They can generally be found here on the website, on FetLife, in our mailing list, etc.  Feel free to share the location for these public events with others who may be interested in attending.

Locations for private APeX events are not announced publicly.  Private events include most of our educational events (unless otherwise announced), play parties, and our large annual events such as the Capital Ball Weekend.  In order to attend one of these events, you must RSVP (or purchase a ticket) as described in the event announcements, at which time the full address will be provided to you.  Announcements, FetLife, and our calendar will list a general region for these events (such as “an hour north of Albany”) so that anyone considering attending can estimate travel, but the full address is never published in an open forum.  In order to assure safety and privacy, attendees must not share the addresses of these events with others.

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