Event Cross-posting Policy

The APeX Board of Directors is always working on ways to create new opportunities for our membership to take advantage of our reciprocity agreements and expand interaction with other lifestyle kink and special interest groups.

Some of our members already attend events outside of APeX and various special interest groups. Many of these special interest groups are on FetLife. We encourage participation in outside activities. We are aware of many new special interest groups. APeX believes in supporting and promoting  these groups until they are established, including the occasional reminder for those new to our message board.

Through this process we have decided that any information regarding non-APeX events on this message board will need to be approved before being posted. Please send all future potential cross posts to the APeX Secretary email .

The announcement shall be posted on your behalf or permission will be granted for your cross post once we ensure the post is free of possible schedule conflicts related to various APeX events.

The Friends of APeX on Fetlife has a broader policy. Please feel free to post information on events and meetings there. If there are any issues with postings there you will be contacted by a moderator.

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