The following policies cover membership in APeX and attendance at our events.

The excerpts listed below give the general gist, but be sure to read each linked page in its entirety. Failure to follow these rules can result in being asked to leave events or being barred from membership in APeX entirely.

  • Filing and Adjudication of Grievances - Definition of what may be the subject of a formal grievance under the APeX by-laws.
  • Event Cross-posting Policy - Policies for cross-posting non-APeX events to the message boards and FetLife group
  • Message Board Posting Policy - Please read the following before posting to the APeX message board.
  • Library Rules - Rules for borrowing items from The Library Contessa
  • Website Privacy Policy - Information collection, storage, and sharing policy for the APeX website
  • Sponsorship - Some APeX events limit attendance to members and sponsored guests. Paid APeX members in good standing may sponsor a guest under these conditions.
  • Event Locations - Locations for APeX events should be considered private unless officially announced in a public forum. Please do not distribute address information for private events.
  • Photography at APeX Events - Photography is generally prohibited at APeX events unless specific exceptions are announced.
  • The Library Contessa - About The Library Contessa and borrowing policies
  • Rules of Etiquette - "Don't touch what's not yours," "respect others' privacy," and other important rules for attending any APeX event.

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