Reciprocal Groups

APeX members receive discounted pricing and open admission to the following reciprocal groups. Members of these groups in turn also receive discounted pricing and are welcome to attend APeX events. Note: We urge members to use due diligence when attending events held by reciprocal groups.

Last Updated May 12, 2022.

If you run a related group or event outside of the Albany, NY area and would like to discuss reciprocal arrangements, please see our Reciprocal Group Policy.

Levels of Reciprocity
*Full Membership reciprocity: a member of group X is equivalent to being an Apex member and vice versa.
*Limited membership reciprocity: A member of group X receives some membership benefits but not all and vice versa
*Vetting reciprocity: Members of Group X are considered vetted as if Apex members but do not receive membership benefits. They do not need a sponsor to attend certain events.

Known Community, Affiliate Groups

Members of recognized local community leather/kink/lifestyle groups are welcome to attend APeX events as well. While no discount may be offered, members of these groups may attend most APeX functions without being accompanied by an APeX member. Functions where community group members are welcome will be described as, “Must be an APeX member, guest of a member, known community member, or member of a known community group.” Certain APeX functions are exclusively for APeX members and guests and are described as, “For APeX members and their guests only.” APeX currently recognizes:

If you run a local group and would like to discuss a similar arrangement, please contact . Only groups which have an identified membership (IE a membership card) can be considered.

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