History of APeX

Albany Power eXchange (APeX) began with a dream of Sir Ron and mayafire for a more fun and cohesive BDSM community.  They built the foundations of this group along with the support of a number of others who were unhappy with the BDSM community as it was.  APeX has come a very long way and has been an inspiration to many other clubs both locally and regionally – whether it was to form their own group or to improve an existing one.

Our first gathering was a monthly dance social called the Friday Soiree, which premiered in November 2000. Approximately 85 people attended that night.  We formally named the group at the first Meet and Greet in March 2001 and used the message board and mailing list from an online club called Albany Society of Kink (ASK) to promote interest and support.

In January 2003, more than two years after we began, we formalized membership.  Mayafire wrote our mission statement and built the framework of our bylaws, which were laboriously cultivated from the best of the bylaws of other quality BDSM groups over a period of six months.  When the first Board of Directors was appointed in early 2003, the research had been completed and we were able to refine them, with the purpose of applying for not-for-profit corporate status with the State of New York. 

We broke new ground and were incorporated in April 2003 as a Not for Profit Corporation operating in the State of New York.  At the time, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) would only allow incorporated not for profit groups to be Coalition Partners and it was important to us, along with Sir Ira of House of George, to be a part of this great organization.  We also felt it gave us more credibility in the contentious local political environment at the time.  APeX was among the first Coalition Partners in NCSF and the first BDSM organization in the state outside of Manhattan, to incorporate.  We paved the way for others.

Our website, which premiered in early 2001, is internationally acclaimed and has helped thousands of people on their journey.  The existence of APeX as a successful BDSM social, educational and support group has impacted and improved the lives of many.  We expect to be around for a long time and to grow and change as the needs of the community grows and changes.

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